Still customizing? Laser advanced custom clothes is coming

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Still customizing? Laser advanced custom clothes is coming

Post by lasercutting » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:54 am

Clothing is closely related to each of us. From gray-haired old people to toddler children, from diligent farmers to glamorous stars, we need a variety of clothes. Huge market demand has spawned huge costume designs and production companies. Regardless of the effect of the original warmth and cover of the garments, the current garments tend to be more decorative and design. In recent years, laser cutting technology for apparel fabrics has become more and more widely used in the fashion industry. Many well-known designers in the fashion industry have added laser cutting technology to apparel design. They either use laser technology to carry out carving or garments. Laser cutting, carving, hollow patterns and so on to make fashion more fashionable.

So how does the laser cut and hollow patterns on the fabric? When the laser beam hits the surface of the dyed fabric, except for a small portion of the light that is reflected, the laser energy is absorbed by the surface layer of the fabric and rapidly converted into heat energy, causing the surface temperature of the fabric to rise sharply and reach the gasification temperature of the dye in a very short time. Due to the strength of the laser energy, the dye instantaneously vaporizes and fades to form patterns of different shades, thereby realizing the effect of color printing. When the laser energy is high enough, fabric fibers can also be etched to achieve cutting, hollowing and other effects.

Fashion hollow elements are used in a variety of clothing materials. Many laser engraving and cutting equipment manufacturers are committed to laser applications. In constant research, Wuhan Perfect Laser has also been committed to serving the community's technological research and development, producing a cloth that belongs to the apparel fabric industry. Laser engraving and cutting machine, the equipment is compatible with the characteristics of laser engraving and cutting machine, improve the high requirements for the fabric processing industry, in addition to the precise cutting of the fabric can be achieved, but also to improve the clothing fabric laser hollow pattern pattern fineness. Therefore, the emergence of this device, so that garment manufacturers and fabric processing manufacturers are thirsty, due to market demand, industry competition, technological innovation, so that they are competing to apply the latest technology, the best equipment, clothing fabric laser The engraving cutter comes for that.

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Re: Still customizing? Laser advanced custom clothes is coming

Post by hitec cnc » Wed Aug 08, 2018 9:34 am

Dear friend,you can also choose the UV printer machine to making your logo on clothes.
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