Fiber laser cutting machine principle

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Fiber laser cutting machine principle

Post by lasercuting » Mon Jul 16, 2018 9:55 am

The principle of fiber laser cutting machine is a laser cutting machine using fiber laser as light source. Its excellent performance, high speed, and high conversion rate are widely used in mechanical processing and mechanical manufacturing industries. The most typical one is sheet metal. Cutting, car cutting, etc.

To understand its basic performance, we must first understand the principle of the effect of fiber laser cutting machine. The principle of effect refers to the use of different rules to produce different functions.

Proficiency in these functions can make qualitative changes in equipment and processed products. The so-called effect principle mainly refers to fluid dynamics, temperature effects and mechanical effects.

Temperature effect The temperature effect refers to the high-temperature melting processing mode through the laser beam during the processing of the fiber laser cutting machine. This cutting mode is mainly aimed at the cutting of non-metallic materials. After the temperature of the cutting material reaches 600 degrees Celsius, the material being cut is quickly carbonized, which enables the fiber laser cutting machine to cut, which can guarantee the large-scale continuous processing mode.

1)Fluid power Fluid power is the use of high-energy laser excitation of water molecules to perform a kind of polymer dynamic fluid motion, which enables water molecules to easily obtain laser energy of several wavelengths to achieve cutting. This cutting mode is aimed at the cutting of the tissue material, using the molecular principles to achieve high-speed laser cutting.

2)Mechanical effect The mechanical effect is the use of high-energy laser energy to cut metal materials, completely different from the previous two cutting modes. Using the difference in temperature during the processing of cutting materials, the explosive mode is processed. Proficiency in the three effects of the fiber laser cutting machine can be reasonably applied to the cutting of materials, which can make the performance of the equipment more perfect, the precision of the product coming out is higher, the effect is better, and the work and economic efficiency are improved.
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