How about CO2 laser cutting machine for cloth?

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How about CO2 laser cutting machine for cloth?

Post by lasercutting » Wed Aug 08, 2018 6:12 am

For fabric cutting, it generally uses 50mm focusing lens, single layer cutting normal speed is 5 meters / min, light intensity is 40%. Air pump power size, the quality of the honeycomb floor and flatness and the intensity of the light will affect the fabric damage effect. The greater the intensity of light, the greater the thermal radiation, and the light and thin will produce a gap. At present, the biggest problem in cutting is the yellowing phenomenon. Place the fabric on the honeycomb floor, turn on the exhaust fan, remove smoke and dust in time to prevent the fumes producing to make the fabric yellow when cutting. Later turn on the air compressor, and ensure the blowing of the air. Blow away volatiles and fumes from the impurities in the kerf. Using inert gas (such as nitrogen) for blowing is better.

The cutting bed of laser cutting machine is specifically for the garment industry, plush fabrics, and can accurately cut out any pattern of various fabrics. It can be equipped with a feeding device to achieve continuous automatically cutting coils. Exhaust is provided on the seal, the marking of the garment and the cutting process are completed at one time, and the flue gas generated during cutting is discharged through negative pressure. Negative pressure adsorption and caterpillar transfer worktables make the collection and delivery of materials quick and easy. Fabrics cutting include various colored plush fabrics, non-woven fabrics, cotton and linen, chemical fiber and many other materials.

It can be used with clothing photography copying machine and has rapid production of clothing. Convenient operation and extensible pattern-making system: the combination of pattern-making system and laser cutting eliminates the need to output the cardboard pattern. Only the modification of several key data can be used to modify the structure of the pattern, and it also has left and right foot-like shoes. The imaging function can also cut left and right foot styles. Automatic typesetting reduces scrap.

1.Taiwan's Hiwin linear guide rail is used to ensure that the laser head is smooth, high-speed, and stable during operation. With the characteristics of small slitting, high speed, and high precision .The accuracy and lifetime of the equipment are guaranteed.
2.Software automatic typesetting function. After the design of the cutting pattern, the software automatically typesets and the material pattern fits closely to reduce waste.
3.The configuration of imported metal molybdenum reflective lenses and gas focus lens, resistance to helium, high temperature, without frequent replacement, reduce the cost, delicate spot, uniform light.
4.Advanced transmission system. During cutting, to meet the demand that curve, straight line’s various speed, self-adjust the speed of the function, it makes the edge of the cutting smooth and corner curve natural.
5.The fully enclosed water tank ensures that the water in the cycle and the laser tube is dust-free and clean, prolongs the service life of the laser tube, and effectively reduces the production cost.
Recommended models for plush toys: HG1810 two-headed laser cutting machine for toy fabrics uses a crawler-type working platform. The dual laser heads are combined with the automatic removal system to achieve high cutting speed and high fabric utilization. With automatic feeding system to achieve continuous feeding and cutting, especially for plush materials, composite fabrics and other materials cutting. 100W glass tube sealed CO2 laser, 1800mm × 1000mm tracked work platform, accuracy ± 0.01mm, it can be equipped with automatic feeding

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