The Classifications Of Automatic Laser Welding Machine

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The Classifications Of Automatic Laser Welding Machine

Post by lasercutting » Wed Nov 07, 2018 2:01 am

1. Intelligent automatic laser welding machine:
Utilize a variety of advanced sensing components such as vision sensors, tactile sensors, hearing sensors and laser scanners. With the help of computer software system, the database and expert system have identification, judgment and real-time detection. Calculation, automatic programming, welding parameter storage and automatic generation of welding record files.

2. Rigid automatic laser welding machine:
Rigid automatic laser welding machines can also be called primary automated laser welding machines, most of which are designed according to the principle of open loop control. Although the entire welding process is done automatically by the welding equipment, the welding parameters fluctuate during the welding process. A closed-loop feedback system cannot be performed and random deviations may not be corrected.

3. Adaptive control automatic laser welding machine:

The adaptively controlled laser welding machine is a highly automated welding equipment. It is equipped with sensors and electronic detection lines to automatically guide and track the weld trajectory, and implement closed-loop feedback control of the main welding parameters. The entire welding process of the automatic laser welding machine is automatically completed according to preset procedures and process parameters.
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