How to Choose a Deep Metal Engraving Machine?

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How to Choose a Deep Metal Engraving Machine?

Post by zoe hitec cnc » Sat Jan 09, 2021 2:52 am ... 153-1.html Laser engaver have made things a lot easier for business owners looking to get their parts marked and shipped off as fast as possible. The technology has evolved to the point where we can engrave any type of material on earth, usually with stunning speed and accuracy. But if you need deep engraving done on metal parts, even the standard fiber laser engraver won’t cut it.

Deep metal engraving requires a machine with special abilities like high Single Pule Energy that most other types do not have. For those of you who need this type of marking done on your parts, you’ll need a deep metal laser engraving machine.
As far as deep metal marking with a laser goes, power is everything. If you don’t have a high enough power level from your laser, your machine will not be able to engrave things deep enough. It also might wear out or break down faster than usual, because the demands placed on the laser are too high for it to sustain.
While the power level of your fiber laser engraver is important, the source of its power is equally important. The laser source is what actually covert electric energy power to laser power that can be used for engraving.
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Re: How to Choose a Deep Metal Engraving Machine?

Post by hangrex5 » Thu Mar 11, 2021 10:57 am

Marking technology has made itself an essential part of every industry now. From heavy metals, thermo or thermosetting plastics to organic materials like wood or even delicate things like jewelry, every kind of product needs a marking system.

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