how to setup your mars laser machine

Their helpful video tutorials will get you closer to mastering your Laser machine.
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how to setup your mars laser machine

Post by LINUS » Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:10 am

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In this video, Phoebe from Thunder laser will show you how to setup your Mars laser cutter step by step.

Maybe you are quite excited and can’t wait to test your machine as soon as you receive your new partner, we still strongly suggest you to unpack the wooden case carefully to avoid any unexpected damage to the machine.

And our tech person should have sent you some important tips about what to do before using your machine, please read that tips carefully before unpacking. Thanks!

After unpacking your new laser cutter, please check if all the needed accessories are ready, if not, just contact with your thunderlaser service person at once to get a solution. You can also send email to to contact with our tech person.

Normally, the standard and important accessories are the cooling system, the air assist system and the exhaust fan. Some small tools are usually packed in a tool box. There should be a part list in the machine; you can check all the parts according to the list carefully.

And please note that some countries use 110V and some use 220V. Before connect the power cable, pay attention to the input power stickers on the machine and make sure it fits your local voltage.

Now it’s time to find a suitable place to install your machine.

Here are the details steps:

Step 1: press the 4 locks of the wheels and rotate the 4 feet till it fastens to the ground and make sure the laser cutter is stable enough.

Step 2: connect the cooling system to your laser cutter, pay attention to the direction of the water direction, or the machine will show water error later. And make sure the water is within the green area when you use a water chiller.(you need to turn it on first)

Step 3: connect your air pump/high pressure air compressor to your laser machine.

Step 4: connect the exhaust fan to the machine. If the air duct is not long enough, you will need to buy some extra in your local. To avoid this problem, it’s better for you to tell the sales person in advance before shipping out the machine.

Step 5: connect the power cord

Step 6: unlock the emergency stop

Step 7: now you can turn on your laser cutter (first turn on the main switch, then the laser switch)

Step 8: connect the machine and your computer by using a USB cable. Your computer should show a new hardware is founded after connection; you can install the software and drivers according to the laser software manual.

Step 9: when you need to turn off your laser cutter. Make sure turn off the laser switch first then the main switch. If there’s any urgent case, please press the emergency stop at once.

If there’s still anything unclear, you can download our user manual in PDF or contact with our tech at once.

Here’s the link:

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